Lyrics – The Hockey Song

The Hockey Song

By Stompin’ Tom Connors

Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s ‘Hockey Night’ tonight.
Tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice.
The goalie jumps, and the players bump, and the fans all go insane.
Someone roars, “Bobby Scores!”, at the good ol’ hockey game.

OH! The good ol’ hockey game, is the best game you can name.
And the best game you can name, is the good ol’ hockey game.

Second Period.

Where players dash, with skates aflash, the home team trails behind.
But they grab the puck, and go bursting up, and they’re down across the line.
They storm the crease, like bumble bees, they travel like a burning flame.
We see them slide, the puck inside, it’s a 1-1 hockey game.

OH! The good ol’ hockey game, is the best game you can name.
And the best game you can name, is the good ol’ hockey game.

Third Period. Last game of the playoffs too!

Oh take me where, the hockey players, face off down the rink.
And the Stanley Cup, is all filled up, for the champs who win the drink.
Now the final flick, of a hockey stick, and the one gigantic scream.
“The puck is in! The home team wins!”, the good ol’ hockey game.

[Chorus x3]
OH! The good ol’ hockey game, is the best game you can name.
And the best game you can name, is the good ol’ hockey game.

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Sesame Street Lyrics

Sesame StreetSunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street

Come and play
Everything’s A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That’s where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street

It’s a magic carpet ride
Every door will open wide
To happy people like you–
Happy people like
What a beautiful

Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street…

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10 Free Christmas Music Download Sites (Legal!)

1. Feels Like Christmas

free online christmas music

The first page provides free online Christmas music downloads, primarily from independent artists. For 2009, five new musicians have been listed, including The Snoflowerz and Silvia Fleming.

Songs are filed into the categories “Contemporary Vocal” and “Traditional Vocal“, with a total of 10 and 11 songs, respectively. To download an mp3, go to the respective category, right-click on the Download button and select “Save Link As…” from the pie menu.

2. New Christmas Music

free christmas music

At New Christmas Music you will find new (contemporary) Christmas songs, traditional Christmas carols, Christmas plays and Christmas CDs.

Songs are available in up to three different formats: mp3, wma, and midi. To download, proceed as described previously.

3. Christmas MPfree

christmas music online

This page contains mp3’s, midis and scores. You can browse songs by the categories traditional vocal or instrumental, contemporary vocal or instrumental, and midi. Recently added files are featured on the start page.

You can listen to the songs through Winamp by clicking the respective button. To download, proceed as described before.

4. A Garritan Community Christmas

internet christmas music

Each year, the Garritan Community compiles a Christmas album.

At the point of writing this article, volume 6 for 2009 was not yet released.

However, volumes 1 through 5 from previous years are available for download. Each album contains up to 21 songs. A free cover and CD label design are provided for printing.

Songs of the current volume can be previewed through the web music player.

5. 10 + 100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs

internet christmas music

In 2005 Uwe Hermann first posted a list of 10 + 100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs.

He’s been updating the list regularly since then and it meanwhile contains over 250 songs.

The list links both to the artist website and to the download page. Follow the song title link to obtain the mp3. Some links point directly to the file, others to a compilation, and some links may even be outdated.

6. Christmas Gifts

internet christmas music

Christmas Gifts features 11 songs courtesy of Kevin McLeod. They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

You can download the files by using the right-click / save as method, described above.

The site also provides a free Christmas Carols E-Book in PDF format, which contains the lyrics for dozens of songs. There is a link for sheet music and a midi file included with each song in the top right of the respective page.

7. A-M Classical

listen to christmas music on the web

A-M Classical shares a small selection of songs that were released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Right-click and select “Save Link As…” to download.

8. mfiles

listen to christmas music on the web

mfiles provides free mp3 downloads of Christmas Carols. Currently, there are 19 songs to choose from.

The music is available in midi and mp3, and you can print the sheet music. As with most sites in this list, download is available through right-click and “Save Link As…”.

9. Christmas Corner

listen to christmas music on the web

The site provides Christmas Carols in midi format and the matching lyrics to print and/or download.

To download the midis, right-click on the “Listen” links and select “Save Link As…” from the pie menu.


christmas music online free

Free-Loops features free Christmas sounds, among midis and regular songs.

Sounds include bells, falling snow, a drum loop, and Santa complaining about the chimney.

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8 Free Christmas Online Music Sites

1. Jingle Bell Jukebox

Jingle Bell Jukebox allows you to listen to entire albums worth of free online Christmas music.

The archive contains nine albums, including Dean Martin’s “My Kind of Christmas”, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”, and Amy Grant’s “A Christmas Album”.

You can skip songs and switch between albums. Each album is played in a loop.

free online Christmas music

2. Radioio Holiday Channels


Radioio has launched three channels dedicated to holiday music. They are Christmas Traditions, Country Christmas, and Today’s Christmas.

The player is simple and easy to use. You can choose a bitrate (64 or 32), see which song is being played, which other songs were played recently, and quickly change to another holiday channel through a menu on the left (not shown below).

free online Christmas music

3. AOL Radio Christmas Music

AOL radio

AOL radio features a great selection of radio stations, including Christmas music.

The link above directs you to a site listing them all. Click the play button next to a station to launch the player.

free christmas music downloads

Inside the player you can also switch between categories and stations.

free christmas music downloads

If you like a channel, you can add it to your presets through the menu at the bottom right. All your presets are listed on the right (not shown in the image above).

4. SHOUTcast Radio


SHOUTcast is powered by AOL music, but the selection of stations is different. There are actually less Christmas-themed stations, however I prefer the options. You can use the web player or listen to the stations in Winamp and other players.

The web player allows to switch between related stations.

free christmas music

5. Web-Radio Christmas Player


Web-Radio also has a selection of stations dedicated to Christmas.

Click on the Web-Radio Player to open it in a new tab or window, then select your Christmas station and enjoy.

free christmas radio music

Web-Radio offers a Toolbar for IE and Firefox, which comes with a lot of ad material and does not include its Christmas stations.

6. Xmas Radio Xmas Tag Radio radio stations can be played without creating an account. You can use the radio station I linked to or search for your own. Other Christmas-themed stations include Christmas, Weihnachten (German), Noël (French) or Navidad (Spanish).

If you want to block a song you can’t stand, such as Wham’s Last Christmas, you have to log in.

christmas music

7. Christmas Radio

christmas radio

The easiest to use site to listen to free online Christmas music is Christmas Radio.

You can choose from nine different Christmas-themed radio stations, including Christmas Classics, Christmas Rock, and the Top 40 of Christmas songs.

Songs are played on site through JW FLV Media Player.

download free christmas music

A neat little extra is the word cloud to display the headline in different languages.

christmas greetings

8. AccuHolidays


AccuHolidays features a long list of holiday music radio stations, for example Holiday on Broadway, Quiet Christmas Eve, Blue and White Christmas, and Celtic Christmas.

Select a station from the site to launch the AccuHolidays player. Alternatively, you can build your own music mix, i.e. mix all your favorite stations. The player shows the current song and you can quickly switch to other channels or modify the list of artists (read: ban artists) used for this station.

I love the option to remove artists from the playlist. Goodbye Celine!

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