Super Nintendo Classic Edition has been announced (with gameplay videos)! #SNES

Exciting news, gamers!  Nintendo has just announced the upcoming release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: SNES Classic Edition just a year after the release of their popular NES Classic Edition.

To hit the store shelves on September 29, 2017, the SNES Classic Edition is pre-loaded with 21 SNES classics, including:

  1. Contra III: The Alien Wars
  2. Donkey Kong Country
  3. EarthBound
  4. Final Fantasy III
  5. F-ZERO
  6. Kirby Super Star
  7. Kirby’s Dream Course
  8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  9. Mega Man X
  10. Star Fox
  11. Star Fox 2 (previously unreleased!)
  12. Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  13. Super Castlevania IV
  14. Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
  15. Super Mario Kart
  16. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  17. Super Mario World
  18. Super Metroid
  19. Super Punch-Out!!
  20. Yoshi’s Island

Gamers will also be delighted to learn that unlike the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic Edition comes with 2 wired controllers, meaning you can play multi-player games right out of the box!  Other accessories include an HDMI cable and a USB charging cable with AC adapter.

The SNES Classic Edition will hit the store shelves on Friday, September 29, 2017 at a retail price of $79.99 USD.

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How to Enable “Game Mode” on HDTV

What is “Game Mode”?

Game Mode is an option that display manufacturers put into their HDTVs to disable certain image processing protocols when its enabled. It usually makes your picture look worse.

Why would anyone want to turn on “Game Mode”?

Because your pretty picture is the reason your controller and inputs feel sluggish. By enabling “Game Mode”, you are disabling certain features of the TV to reduce picture quality, and in return you get more responsive inputs on your controller. The less your TV has to work, the more responsive your controller is.

Game Mode varies by manufacturer. Some manufacturers require you to go into a settings menu and enable it from there, while others require you to change picture settings. This article explains how to turn on Game Mode on some of the major brands of TVs.


Samsung keeps it consistent when it comes to enabling Game Mode on most of their recent HDTVs. It usually involves navigating to “Setup”, and then going to “General”. You will see an option for “Game Mode” over there. Use your remote to enable this option.

Update: Some Samsung displays can further lower their input lag over using Game Mode, by renaming the HDMI input to “PC”. Usually, this only works on the dedicated PC HDMI port, which for Samsung HDTVs is usually HDMI 1. If you’re not satisfied using Game Mode, check out the PC relabeling trick!


Sony HDTVs are very different from the other brands covered here, because they require your remote control to access the Scene menu. Look on your remote for a button labeled “Scene” and press it. Once pressed, it will bring up a scene selection menu pictured below. Simply select “Game” and it will select Game Mode for you.

LG Electronics

HDTVs from LG enable Game Mode by going into the Picture Menu. That menu has an option called “Picture Mode”. It lets you select modes such as Standard, Vivid, etc. In that menu, there is an option for “Game”, set your picture mode to that in order to enable it. This location is convenient because you don’t have to go into extra menus outside of picture in order to enable it. Smart placement by LG.


Sharp HDTVs require you to go into “Picture Settings” and change the “AV MODE” setting to “Game”. This method is almost identical to the way LG does it in their televisions. You don’t have to dig through a lot of confusing menus to enable it.


Panasonic’s Game Mode can be enabled from the “Picture” menu, similar to LG and Sharp HDTVs. Once in the menu, select between different modes until you find the “Game” setting.

DisplayLag Website

Finally, if you are shopping for a new HDTV, be sure to check out the DisplayLag website for ratings and comparisons.

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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe PS3 Move List


Fatality 1 – back, forward, down, forward, square

Fatality 2 – forward, forward, down, down, X

Pro moves:

Chop Chop Blades into Scrape Kick – back(2), X, forward(2), triangle.

Super moves:

Sharp Spark – down, back, hold square
Scrape Kick – forward(2), triangle
Chop Chop Blades – back(2), X
Blade Cyclone – down, forward, O


Heroic Brutality 1 – down, back, forward, forward, O

Heroic Brutality 2 – down, down, down, up, X

Pro moves:

Double Batarang – down, forward, square, down, back, triangle

Super moves:

Smoke Capsule – down, back, triangle
Batarang – down, forward, square
Leaping Shadow Kick – down, forward, O
Leg Take Down – down, back, O
Sneaky Batarang – down, back, square
Dark Absorption – back(2), triangle
Smoke Escape – down, back, X

Captain Marvel

Heroic Brutality 1 – down, forward, back, forward, square

Heroic Brutality 2 – down, back, down, forward, triangle

Pro moves:

Power of Zeus Extended – down, back, square, forward, triangle
Mercury Bear Hug Throw – back, forward, O, triangle

Super moves:

Solomon Escape – down, back, O
Strength of Hercules – back, forward, triangle
Atlas Clap – down, back, triangle
Power of Zeus – down, back, square
Achilles Bolt – down, back, X
Mercury Bear Hug – back, forward, O


Fatality 1 – down, back, down, forward, triangle

Fatality 2 – forward, back, forward, back, O

Pro moves:

Whip Sting, Lasso Grip – down, back, square. Then, back, forward, triangle
Whip Sting, Kitty Surprise – down, back, square. Then, back, forward, X
Pounce Grab into Whip Crack – back, forward, O, back, forward, square

Super moves:

Whip Sting – down, back, square
Lasso Grip – back, forward, triangle
Kitty Surprise – back, forward, X
Raging Cat – back, forward, O
Somersaulting Fever – down, forward, X
Nine Lives – down, back, O


Pro moves:

Omega Force With Head Smash – down, back, X. When he lands press square + triangle.
Double Anti-Air Omega Beam – back(2), triangle. After beam hits, press back(2), square.
Upward Eye Laser into Straight Eye Laser – back(2), square, back(2), triangle

Super moves:

Omega Beam – back(2), square
Anti-Air Omega Beam – back(2), triangle
Omega Tremor – down(2), O
Omega Knee – back, forward, O
Omega Force – down, back, X


Fatality 1 – toward, toward, down, toward, triangle

Fatality 2 – toward, down, back, forward, square

Pro moves:

Double Pistol Shot – back, forward, square, back, forward, square

Super moves:

Close Flash Bomb – down(2), X
Far Flash Bomb – down(2), O
Pistol Shot – back, forward, square
Lunging Stab – back, forward, triangle
Stomach Stab – down, forward, square

The Flash

Heroic Brutality 1 – back, back, forward, forward, O

Heroic Brutality 2 – down, forward, down, back, down, forward, X

Pro moves:

Teleport Uppercut, Super Uppercut – down, back, square, down, back, triangle
Like the Wind, Teleport Uppercut – triangle(2), square, down, back, O
Like the Wind, Super Uppercut – triangle(2), square, down, back, triangle
Teleport Flurry Into Throw – down, back, square, LB

Super moves:

Fast Escape – down, back, X
Super Uppercut – down, back, triangle
Teleport Uppercut – down, back, O
Around The World – back, forward, O
Flurry Punch – back, forward, triangle
Teleport Flurry – down, back, square

Green Lantern

Heroic Brutality 1 – forward, back, down, back, X

Heroic Brutality 2 – back, forward, down, down, O

Pro moves:

Triple Overhead Hammer – down, back, triangle, down, back, triangle, down, back, triangle

Super moves:

Summoned Hand Grip – down, back, square
Justice Grip – down, forward, X
Strength of Will – down, back, triangle
Judgment Hammer – back(2), X
Wall Barrier – back, forward, O


Fatality 1 – back, forward, forward, back, triangle

Fatality 2 – forward, forward, back, back, X

Pro moves:

Double Rocket Blast – down, back, X, down, back, O
Power Fist, Gotcha Grab – down, back, triangle, square, forward(2), triangle
Ground Pound, Gun Runner – down(2), back(3), square
Gotcha Grab – forward(2), triangle

Super moves:

Gun Runner – back(2), square
Power Fist – down, back, triangle
Blinding Light – down, back, square
Rocket Blast – down, back, X
Double Rocket Blast – down, back, X, down, back, O
Gotcha Grab – forward(2), triangle
Ground Pound – down(2), O

The Joker

Fatality 1 – forward, back, forward, square

Fatality 2 – back, down, back, toward, triangle

Pro moves:

Gunshot – forward, back, forward, square
Playing Cards – back, down, back, forward, triangle
Surprise Pistol Whip, Joker’s Wild – down, back, O, square, down, back, triangle
Surprise Pistol Whip, Funnyman – down, back, O, square, back, down, forward, X

Super moves:

Joker’s Wild – down, back, triangle
Bombs Away – forward(2), O
Bombs Away Close – forward(2), triangle
Bombs Away Medium – forward(2), X
Put It There Pal – down, back, square
Sinister Heels – back, forward, O
Funnyman – back, down, forward, X
Magic Trick – down, back, O and one of the following:
Surprise Pistol Whip – square
Surprise Bomb – triangle
Surprise Stomp – X
Surprise Slide – O


Fatality 1 – back, down, back, forward, square

Fatality 2 – down, down, forward, back, O

Pro moves:

Kano Ball – back, forward, O
Kano Up Ball – hold down+forward at the top of your jump and press O
Brutal Throw – down, forward, square, down, back, triangle

Super moves:

Kano Ball – back, forward, O
Kano Up Ball – down, forward, triangle
Brutal Throw – down, forward, square
Knife Toss – down, back, square
Parry – down, back, triangle
Eye Laser – back(2), square


Fatality 1 – back, back, forward, square

Fatality 2 – forward, down, down, back, X

Pro moves:

Square Wave Punch into Bladed Fan – down, back, triangle, forward, forward, square

Super moves:

Bladed Fans – forward(2), square
Square Wave Punch – down, back, triangle
Rolling Fury – down, forward, O
Mystical Teleportation – down, back, square
Fan Lift – back(2), square
Razor’s Tip – down, forward, triangle

Lex Luthor

Fatality 1 – down, forward, down, back, triangle

Fatality 2 – up, up, up, square

Pro moves:

Powered Palms, Rocket Boots – down, forward, triangle, back, forward, O
LexCorp Rocket, Evasive Maneuver – down, back, X, down, back, O

Super moves:

Target Practice – down, back, square
Powered Palms – down, forward, triangle
LexCorp Rocket – down, back, X
Hot Flames – back, forward, X
Evasive Maneuver – down, back, O
Rocket Boots – back, forward, O

Liu Kang

Fatality 1 – forward, back, down, down, square

Fatality 2 – down, down, forward, down, O

Pro moves:

Bicycle Kick, Flying Dragon Kick – back(2), forward, O, forward(2), triangle – Perform in the middle of bicycle kick.
Bicycle Kick, High Dragon Fire – back(2), forward, O, forward(2), square – Perform near the end of Bicycle Kick.


Fatality 1 – down, forward, down, up, triangle

Fatality 2 – back, forward, forward, down, O

Pro moves:

Double Teleport – down, back, X, down, back, X
Lightning Shock, Teleport – forward(2), triangle, down, back, X – Perform before Raidens hand hits opponent.
Vicinity Blast – down, back, triangle, down, back, O

Super moves:

Vicinity Blast – down, back, triangle
Lightning Bolt – down, back, square
Projectile Cancel – down, forward
Energy Teleport – down, back, X
Lightning Shock – forward(2), triangle
The Superman – forward(2), O

Super moves:

High Dragon Fire – forward(2), square
Low Dragon Fire – forward(2), X
Flying Dragon Kick – forward(2), triangle
Bicycle Kick – back(2), forward, O
Dragon’s Tail – down, back, O and also one of the following:
Spinning Backfist – square
Uppercut – triangle
Zen Trip – X
Shaolin Spirit – circle


Fatality 1 – down(x3), O

Fatality 2 – forward(x2), back, down, X

Pro moves:

Double Fiery Teleport – down, back, X, down, back, X
Air Teleport into Fiery Teleport – Jump and then press down, back, X. Land and press down, back, X.


Spear – back(x2), square
Fiery Teleport – down, back, X
Inner Flames – down(x2), triangle
Hell Fire – down, back, triangle
Hellish Slide – down, back, O

Shang Tsung

Fatality 1 – back, down, forward, X

Fatality 2 – down, down, forward, forward, triangle

Pro moves:

Multi-Fire – down, back, triangle, X, forward, triangle
Slide Launch – down, forward, O, Up, O

Super moves:

Skull Fire – back(2), triangle
Sky Fire – down, back, triangle
Slide Launch – down, forward, O
Soul Steal – down, back, X
Hot Escape – down, back, O
Body Switch – down, back, forward, square

Shao Kahn

Super moves:

Shoulder Charge – forward(2), O
Rising Emperor – back, forward, O
Energy Shield – down, back, X
Pulse Blast – back(2), square
Choke Punch – forward(2), square
Hammer Smash – back, forward, triangle


Fatality 1 – down, down, back, forward, square

Fatality 2 – down, back, forward, forward, O

Pro moves:

Bicycle Kick into Air Bicycle Kick – down, back, O, down, back, O
Double Ring of Doom – down, forward, X, down, forward, X

Super moves:

Ring of Doom – down, forward, X
Deadly Kiss – down, back, X
Leg Grab – back, forward, O
Bicycle Kick – down, back, O
Kartwheel Flip – down, forward, X
Square Wave Punch – down, back, triangle


Fatality 1 – back, back, down, back, O

Fatality 2 – back, toward, down, forward, triangle

Pro moves:

Icy Slide into Tombstone Teleport – back, X, O, down, back, square
Tombstone Teleport, Icy Counter – down, back, X, down, back, X

Super moves:

Icy Counter – down, back, square
Ice Nugget – down, back, Triangle
Icy Freeze – down, forward, X
Tombstone Teleport – down, back, X
Cold Slide – back, X, O


Heroic Brutality 1 – down, down, forward, forward, square

Heroic Brutality 2 – forward, forward, down, back, O

Pro moves:

Inhale Capture, Soaring Knockout – down, back, triangle, down, forward, triangle
Ground Tremor – down(2), O, (down + square + triangle)
Soaring Knockout – down, forward, triangle, down, back, X
Inhale Capture, Up Up and Away – down, back, triangle, down, back, X

Super moves:

Heat Vision – back(2), square
Inhale Capture – down, back, triangle
Soaring Knockout – down, forward, triangle
Ice Breath – down, forward, square
Ground Tremor – down, down, O
Shoulder Charge – forward, forward, O
Up, Up and Away – down, back, X and also one of the following:
Hover Heat Vision Close – up, up, back, square
Hover Heat Vision Far – up, up, back, triangle
Ground Tremor – up, up, back, square or O

Wonder Woman

Heroic Brutality 1 – up, back, down, forward, square

Heroic Brutality 2 – forward, back, back, toward, X

Pro moves:

Handstand Burst – down, back, X, down, back, triangle
Handstand Burst, Spoilt Grab – down, back, X, down, forward, X

Super moves:

Wondrous Spin – down, back, O
Divine Princess – down, forward, triangle
Splits Grab – down, forward, X
Gotcha Girl – forward, forward, O
Handstand Burst – down, back, X
Lasso Grab – back, forward, square

Alternate costumes:

At the character selection screen, press Start to use the selected character’s alternate costume.

Play as Shao Kahn:

Complete Mortal Kombat story mode, then press R1 at the character selection screen.

Play as Darkseid:

Complete DC Story mode, then press R1 at the character selection screen.

Random character select:

To randomly select a character, hold Up then press Start at the character selection screen.

Laser energy for Dark Seid Omega eyes:

Select Dark Seid and do his Omega Laser then pause game play for about one second. When the game is resumed, Dark Seid should have his Omega eyes full of laser energy.

Golden Joker:

Play as The Joker and get your rage bar filled up. Use it and, when you are about to lose rage, do the Funny Man trick. When you lose rage The Joker should be golden and remain that way until any attack.

Easy wins hint:

Use a character that can teleport (Shan Tsung, Captain Marvel, or Raiden). When the enemy starts to attack, immediately teleport and attack them. The enemy must finish the attack. Teleport when they block and repeat.

“Combo Champion” trophy hint:

-Use Sonya Blade and her bicycle kick as it hits for 10 kicks each time.

-To get the trophy for doing a 10-hit combo, select The Flash. When the fight begins, press Away, Forward , Triangle. He should charge at your opponent and do a series of punches which gives you a 11-hit combo.

“MK Arcade Champion” and “DC Arcade Champion” trophies hints:

To get either of these trophies, you must complete the game with all characters in Arcade mode from each side. If you do not want to play as all the characters, you can simply select your favorite character and once you get to Dark Kahn, press Start and go to “Player Select”. Choose a fighter that has not completed Arcade mode yet with and defeat Dark Kahn with him or her. Also it is much easier to play under the Very Easy difficulty setting so you can defeat Dark Kahn easily with the character you do not know how to play as.


Bronze trophies

Bring It On! – Complete Jax’s kombo challenge.
Cat Burglar – Complete Catwoman’s kombo challenge.
Clown Prince of Crime – Complete Joker’s kombo challenge.
Combo Champion – Perform a 10 hit combo in arcade mode.
Emperor of Outworld – Complete Shaokhan’s kombo challenge.
Evil Genius – Complete Lex Luthor’s kombo challenge.
Fastest Man Alive – Complete Flash’s kombo challenge.
Fatality! – Perform a fatality!.
Free Fallin’ – Perform a free-fall transition.
Get Over Here! – Complete Scorpion’s kombo challenge.
Grand Master – Complete Subzero’s kombo challenge.
Green Lantern’s Light! – Complete Green Lantern’s kombo challenge.
Heroic Brutality! – Perform a heroic brutality.
Humiliation! – Get a flawless victory online.
Less Talk, More Fight! – Win a chat room match.
Master of Souls – Complete Shang Tsung’s kombo challenge.
Mortal Kombat Champion – Finish arcade mode with an MK character.
Omega Effect – Complete Darkseid’s kombo challenge.
Outworld’s Princess – Complete Kitana’s kombo challenge.
Princess Diana – Complete Wonder Woman’s kombo challenge.
Shaolin Monk – Complete Liu Kang’s kombo challenge.
SHAZAM! – Complete Captain Marvel’s kombo challenge.
Special Forces – Complete Sonya’s kombo challenge.
Super Hero – Finish arcade mode with a DC character.
Tarkatan Champion – Complete Baraka’s kombo challenge.
The Assassin – Complete Deathstroke’s kombo challenge.
The Caped Crusader – Complete Batman’s kombo challenge.
The Competitor – Play 200 versus matches.
The Man of Steel – Complete Superman’s kombo challenge.
The Mercenary – Complete Kano’s kombo challenge.
The Pugilist – Perform ‘klose kombat’.
The Thunder God – Complete Raiden’s kombo challenge.
Universe Reborn – Complete DC universe story.
Worlds Remade – Complete Mortal Kombat story.
Super Moves Master – Perform All Super Moves and Promoves.

Silver trophies

MK Arcade Champion – Complete arcade mode with all Mortal Kombat Characters.
Relentless! – Play 100 chat lobby matches.

Gold trophies

Arcade Master – Beat arcade mode on max difficulty without continuing.
Special Move Master – Perform all super moves and pro-moves.
Supreme Champion – Complete all kombo challenges.
The Finisher – Perform all fatalities and heroic brutalities.
The Ultimate Evil – Complete both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe story mode.

Platinum trophy

Platinum Trophy – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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Nintendo Wii 2 Confirmed

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DJ Hero – Cheat Codes

At the Main Menu, choose the Options selection, and select the Cheats option.  Then, enter one of the following codes at the Retail Codes menu to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Note: Enabling certain codes will prevent the game from being saved and progress on the leaderboards.

Effect Password
All characters uNA2
All decks LAuP
All headphones 62Db
All songs 82xi
All venues Wv1u
Auto Effects Dial ab1L
Auto Fader SL5d
Auto Scratch IT6j
Auto Tapper ZitH
Auto win Euphoria phrases r3a9
Black and White b!99
Blank Plinths ipr0
DJ AM and mixes k07u
DJ Jazzy Jeff and mixes n1fz
DJ Shadow and mixes oMxV
DJ Z-Trip and mixes 5rtg
Edge Effect 2u4u
Grandmaster Flash Ami8
Hamster Switch; flips crossfader 7geo
Hyper deck 76st
Invisible DJ oh5T
Midas; yellow background 4pe5
Pitch Black Out; black background d4kR
Play in Bedroom venue g7nH
Rainbow; colorful background ?jy!
Short Deck 51uC
Unlock All Content tol0
Unlock Daft Punk set list and character d1g?
Use any DJ with any set 0Jj8
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Evolution of Video Game Controllers

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Michael Jackson: The Experience – Complete Song List

  1. Another Part of Me (from Bad)
  2. Bad (from Bad)
  3. Beat It (from Thriller)
  4. Billie Jean (from Thriller)
  5. Black or White (from Dangerous)
  6. Dirty Diana (from Bad)
  7. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (from Off the Wall)
  8. Earth Song (from HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I)
  9. Ghosts (from Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix)
  10. The Girl Is Mine (from Thriller)
  11. Heal The World (from Dangerous)
  12. In the Closet (from Dangerous)
  13. Leave Me Alone (from Bad)
  14. Money (from HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I)
  15. Remember the Time (from Dangerous)
  16. Rock With You (from Off the Wall)
  17. Smooth Criminal (from Bad)
  18. Speed Demon (from Bad)
  19. Streetwalker (from Bad – 2001 Special Edition)
  20. Sunset Driver (The Ultimate Collection)
  21. They Don’t Care About Us (from HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I)
  22. Thriller (from Thriller)
  23. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (from Thriller)
  24. The Way You Make Me Feel (from Bad)
  25. Who Is It (from Dangerous)
  26. Will You Be There (from Dangerous)
  27. Workin’ Day and Night (from Off the Wall)
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8 reasons NOT to buy a Kinect for the Microsoft Xbox 360

  1. Kinect requires way more room than advertised
  2. You’ll break things
  3. You might have to buy a bigger house
  4. You could frak yourself up
  5. The incredibly modal nature of Kinect
  6. Incompatibility, missing parts, and the Red Ring of Death
  7. What if your stupid, embarrassing, jumping pictures wind up on Facebook?
  8. Jumping

See full article

Credit: David Gewirtz

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How to Change the Wii Console Blue Blinking Light

WiiConnect24 informs you when it has received data by having the Wii Console Disc Slot blink a blue light.  However, one can change how bright that blue light is in the Wii’s Slot Illumination menu option.

There are 3 options to choose from:

Bright Allows the Wii Disc Slot to blink bright blue when WiiConnect24 has received data.
Dim Allows the Wii Disc Slot to blink dim blue when WiiConnect24 has received data.
OFF Stops the blue blinking light. It will not inform you when WiiConnect24 has received data. NOTE: WiiConnect24 will continue to run when blue blinking light is off.

How To Turn the Wii’s Slot Illumination On or Off

  1. Select the Wii Options icon from the bottom left of the screen on the Wii Menu.
  2. Click on Wii Settings option
  3. Click on the right arrow
  4. Select WiiConnect24 button
  5. On the WiiConnect titled screen, click on the Slot Illumination option
  6. Select from the options – BRIGHT, DIM, OFF
  7. Select Confirm.
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NBA 2K10 Cheat Codes

2kchina Unlocks the 2K China team
2ksports Unlocks the 2KSports team
payrespect Unlocks the ABA ball
nba2k Unlocks the NBA 2K development team
vcteam Unlocks the VC squad
classicthreads Unlock alternate jerseys
Blazers “Rip City” uniform
eydonscar Unlocks new secondary road uniforms for the Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavericks and Rockets
ycprtii Unlocks the Trail Blazers “Rip City” home uniforms
wasshcicsl Hardwood Classics uniforms / CLE / GS / MIN / ORL / POR / TOR / UTA
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