Windows 10 GodMode

Windows-10-Logo 320x93“GodMode” is a term given to a special folder containing links to hidden settings (Power Toys, if you will) throughout the Windows system.  It has been present in the last three major versions of Windows.  Fortunately, for users who like to tinker with hidden settings, GodMode is available in Windows 10.

How to Enable GodMode in Windows 10

Please note that the system account used to enable GodMode must have FULL administrative privileges.

1.  Right click on the Windows 10 Desktop and select “New >”, then “Folder”. This creates a new folder on the Desktop.

2.  Make sure the newly created folder is given this special name:


3.  Hit the Enter key to create the folder with the given name. This will automatically turn the folder into a special GodMode folder.

4.  Double click to launch the newly created “GodMode” folder.


GodMode offers a whack-load of settings for 40+ categories, including things like User Accounts, Windows Defender, Work Folder, Windows Mobility Center, etc.

As with previous versions of Windows, each user’s mileage may vary from the settings included within the GodMode folder depending on the hardware running within the computer.

The arrival of GodMode was an inevitable one given how power users have already started digging into the OS to unearth features that Microsoft would rather not tell us about.

This tip works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as well.

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