Driveway Sealer Calculator

Driveway SealerCalculating Driveway Sealer Requirement

  1. Determine your Driveway Square Footage (Length x Width).
  2. Multiply your Square Footage by 0.002857 to see how many 17 L pails of driveway sealer you need.  (Assuming each 17 L pail covers about 350 square feet.)

This will give you a close approximation of how many 17 L pails of driveway sealer you need to purchase.

If you have doubts, buy one more 17 L pail than needed (but check your store return policy beforehand). Any extra sealer can be saved and used to touch up spots, or maybe give a second coat to areas prone to oil drips. Just remember that you need to keep driveway sealer from freezing if you save it to touch up spots later.

For best results,  when sealing your driveway, make sure your outdoor temperature is above 10-degree Celsius (50-degree Fahrenheit) with no rain for the next 48 hours.

Calculation Example

  1. Let’s assume you have a driveway that is 35 foot long by 20 foot wide.  Your square footage is 35 x 20, or 700 square feet.
  2. Multiply 700 by 0.002857 will give you 1.9999 pails.  So, we order 2 buckets.

This number is not absolute, but it will get you reasonably close for one coat.

If you double coat your driveway, you can expect a 10-15% coverage rate (multiply your pail requirement by .1 to .15) for your second coat.

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