Mattress Dimension Chart

Single/Twin 39″x 75″

Twin size (also known as single) is generally made to accommodate one child or one adult sleeper. On occasion when you need to lay with your child it should accommodate, but will be a bit crowded. Twin is great for smaller guest spaces, bunk beds, and daybeds. If you are a taller adult you may want to consider a Twin XL which will give you added length.

Single/Twin XL 39″x 80″

Twin XL size (Extra-Long) is 5 inches in length longer than the standard Twin. This size is great for taller youth or adults. Twin-XL is the same length as a queen or King, In fact two of them side by side equals a King.

Double/Full 54″x 75″

Full size (also known as a double/standard) was commonly used for two adults 30 – 40 years ago when the homes and bedrooms were built much smaller. Now it is usually purchased for single person use and sometimes smaller guest rooms. It is a tight fit for two adults and the same length as a Twin. Two adults sleeping on a Full size is equivalent to each person sleeping on a crib mattress (27 inches of sleep space). Most people with a sleeping partner opt for the queen size. Full can sometimes be special ordered in extra long.

Queen 60″x 80″

Queen size is the most popular size sold. Ideal for two adults who don’t want a King size in order to save living space.  Also great for those who just like to spread out.

King 76″x 80″

King size (also known as an eastern King) is the same length as a queen but much wider (16 inches). If you have the space it offers the most room for couples. King size beds are also great if you have kids or pets who like to share your bed. For very tall people you can also special order a California-King which is a 72″ x 84″.

Mattress Dimension Chart

Mattress Type inches (cm)
Crib / toddler 27 1⁄4″ × 51 5⁄8″ (69 cm × 131 cm)
Modern cot 30″ × 74″ (76 cm × 188 cm)
Single/Twin 39″ × 75″ (99 cm × 191 cm)
Single/Twin XL 39″ × 80″ (97 cm × 203 cm)
Double/Full 54″ × 75″ (137 cm × 191 cm)
Double/Full XL 54″ × 80″ (137 cm × 203 cm)
Queen 60″ × 80″ (152 cm × 203 cm)
King (eastern King) 76″ × 80″ (193 cm × 203 cm)
California King waterbed 70″ × 82″ (178 cm × 208 cm)
California King 72″ × 84″ (183 cm × 213 cm)
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