How to Save for your Dream Vacation

Vacation300x156Travelling can be expensive. Here are some tips on how to save now to make your Dream Vacation possible in the future.

1. Negotiate your bills

Apparently if you complain that your phone or cable or Wi-Fi bill is too high, providers will often panic about losing your business and thus negotiate a lower price. Who knows? It could save a few bucks, if you’re brave enough to make the call.

2. Sign up for a travel rewards credit card

You’ll rack up airline miles or hotel points just by living your everyday life. The best part is that most cards give you a special signup bonus in the form of oodles of points.

3. Forgo one expensive habit each month

Here are a few things you can do to save money: making your own coffee instead of buying from Starbucks, packing your own lunch instead of eating out every day. But actually dropping those habits forever would be sad. So pick just one to ditch each month, and watch your savings pile up over the year.

4. Save a buck a day

If you put away just a dollar a day, you’ll stockpile over $365 in a year without even noticing. Saving that dollar can be done by forgoing one of your habits (see tip #3). Over time, that will pay for the trip! Use an actual piggy bank for this (see tip #5).

5. Use an actual Piggy Bank

This famous trick works! You must also vow to dump ALL your spare change in your piggy bank every day and don’t spend it.

6. Mystery shop

Register online to become a mystery shopper– companies will pay you to make undercover visits to their restaurants and give feedback on customer service. The payout isn’t huge, but they’ll almost always comp your meal.

7. Cancel your cable

You know you’re only keeping it for the “Seinfeld” reruns. Stream them online instead.

8. Find a cheaper gym

There’s a good chance you can find one with a lower membership fee… like the YMCA. Or make a pledge to cancel your membership until you’ve saved for your dream trip, and load up on some fun workout tunes to work out at home.

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