Cooking Oils – Pros and Cons

cooking-oilWith so many cooking oils on store shelves, which is the best for you?  This article might help you decide.

Type of Oil Pros Cons
Olive Oil In the Mediterranean, there are lower rates of heart disease and breast cancer, and they use olive oil. Should not be heated to High Temperature
Corn, Canola, Soy Oil Can be used for higher-temperature cooking, and are neutral-tasting oils, so they are good for baking. Don’t use these too often because they are high in Omega 6 (a polyunsaturated oil and is thought to raise inflammation).  Inflammation is behind so many diseases, including heart disease.
Sunflower Oil High in polyunsaturated fats, which in the 1970s were thought to be healthy. Polyunsaturated do lower blood cholesterol, but they potentially increase inflammation which can lead to diseases such as heart disease.
Coconut Oil Lots of hype about it over the past few years. It has a high level of saturated fat.  Places where it is used as a main source for cooking have a higher level of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
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