5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

1. Divide and Conquer

Don’t try to achieve one enormous goal.  Many people procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed when they think of how to climb Mount Everest.  Break them up into easy, achievable bite-sized mini-goals.

2. Write down your goals in point form

Write down all your mini-goals in point form.  Rank them in priority.
Not only will you be reminded of what you need to achieve but you can also check them off as you accomplished each of your goals.

3. Start Immediately!

Once your list of goals is done, start on them right away!  Do not procrastinate because it will only delay your progress.

4. Never give in to distractions

With social media being so vital, it is often difficult to not check your email, Facebook, and Twitter.  However, these are all distractions you must avoid while you are working on achieving your goals.  This is what I do.  Schedule mini 10-minute breaks every two hours within my schedule.  Only within that period would I launch my email, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t even keep the tickers running in the background!  When time is up, shut them all down until the next break.

5.  Push on until it is done

Use your list of goals as your guide.  Follow through each goal.  Once completed, take a breather, then double-check to see if the goal was fully achieved.  If so, check it off your list.  Repeat until your entire list of goals is completely checked off.

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