Homemade All-Natural Dog Repellents

Dogs are man’s best friends.  However, if you’re a home owner, you often receive unwelcome doggie surprises on your lawn.  Someones it’s due to the dog owners’ poor training or they failed to pick up the dogs’ poop after their dogs did their business.

Whatever the case, this article will show you some great all-natural remedies on how to keep dogs out of your lawn.


Dogs are not particularly fond of the smell of ammonia.  To our noses, ammonia is strong but to a dog’s sensitive nose, ammonia is like a punch in the face.  Place ammonia soaked cotton balls around the area you wish to keep the dog out of.  Do not pour the ammonia directly onto the ground as it may hurt your plants.

Chili Pepper

This is one of the most common and most effective dog repellents.  It is what you will commonly find in the commercial organic dog repellents.  The capsicum in the pepper will irritate the skin of the dog, particularly the sensitive area in and around the nose.  The irritation will deter the dog from returning to the area.  Common chili pepper powder sprinkled around the area will help repel all dogs.

Citrus Smells

Some dogs do not like the smell of citrus fruit, such as orange or lemon.  If the above strong smelling solutions are too strong smelling for your nose, try cutting up some citrus fruit and placing those around your garden.  If you can find it, citrus oil may also work.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another strong smelling substance that will repel dogs.  Same advice applies here as well.  Soak cotton balls in the rubbing alcohol and place them in areas you wish to keep dogs out of.


Vinegar is another strong smelling scent that will act as a repellent to dogs.  Again, use cotton balls soaked in vinegar in the area you wish to keep dogs out of.  Do not pour vinegar straight onto the ground as this will kill plants.

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  1. Great post, I have three Border Collies myself.

  2. I was looking for this kind of review for about 1 hour.. i’m glad i found it. Great piece of work, continue it. Best Regards.

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