What should be in an Emergency Kit

As Japan is trying to recover from one of the largest earthquakes of the century, we started to wonder how prepared we would be in the event of such catastrophe.

The First 72 Hours

That’s how long the Government of Canada advises people to be ready to live entirely cut off from the outside world.  Three days worth of food, protection, any prescription medications, gas stove, basic tools, emergency whistle and flashlight, batteries and water.

Build an Emergency Kit to Survey 72 Hours

First, find a duffel bag or a backpack and designate it as your “grab-and-go” bag.  When the moment of an evacuation order is issued, this is the only item that you’ll take with you.  You will NOT have time to go around your house to pack!

What goes in this Emergency Grab-and-go Bag?

  1. Water bottles. 2L per person per day as a minimum.  Save the water bottles after consumption.  You can use them to refill.
  2. Non-Perishable Food.  Canned goods are good.  Be sure to put in a manual can-opener.
  3. Flashlight and extra batteries.  In a major disaster, the power grid won’t be reliable.
  4. First-Aid Kit (bandaids, bandages, etc.).
  5. Prescription medication, baby formula, and any other necessary life items.
  6. Spare keys to house and car.
  7. Cash and contact information for emergency personnel and family or friends out of town.  Assume your cell phone will be down.  Prepare up-to-date printed copies of your contact list.
  8. Warm blankets
  9. Toiletries (toilet paper, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant [you might not be able to shower for 3 days])
  10. Water purifying tablets
  11. Basic tools (hammer, Swiss army knife, etc.)
  12. Spare clothes
  13. Running/hiking shoes
  14. Small radio with extra batteries for news update.
  15. Matches.
  16. Portable fuel stove, a spatula, and one small pot for cooking.
  17. Pens and paper.

Optional items

  1. Flare
  2. Whistle
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