HTML Special Characters Chart

Description Code Code Output
left single quote   ‘
right single quote   ’
single low-9 quote   ‚
left double quote   “
right double quote   ”
double low-9 quote   „
dagger   †
double dagger   ‡
per mill sign   ‰
single left-pointing angle quote   ‹
single right-pointing angle quote   ›
black spade suit   ♠
black club suit   ♣
black heart suit   ♥
black diamond suit   ♦
overline, = spacing overscore   ‾
leftward arrow   ←
upward arrow   ↑
rightward arrow   →
downward arrow   ↓
trademark sign ™
unused �-

horizontal tab    
line feed    
exclamation mark !   !
double quotation mark " "
number sign #   #
dollar sign $   $
percent sign %   %
ampersand & & &
apostrophe '  
left parenthesis (   (
right parenthesis )   )
asterisk *   *
plus sign +   +
comma ,   ,
hyphen -  
period .   .
slash / ⁄ /
digits 0-9 0-
colon :   :
semicolon ;   ;
less-than sign < &lt; <
equals sign =   =
greater-than sign > &gt; >
question mark ?   ?
at sign @   @
uppercase letters A-Z A-
left square bracket [   [
backslash \   \
right square bracket ]   ]
caret ^   ^
horizontal bar (underscore) _   _
grave accent `   `
lowercase letters a-z a-
left curly brace {   {
vertical bar |   |
right curly brace }   }
tilde ~   ~
unused -
en dash &ndash;
em dash &mdash;
unused ˜-
nonbreaking space   &nbsp;  
inverted exclamation ¡ &iexcl; ¡
cent sign ¢ &cent; ¢
pound sterling £ &pound; £
general currency sign ¤ &curren; ¤
yen sign ¥ &yen; ¥
broken vertical bar ¦ &brvbar; or &brkbar; ¦
section sign § &sect; §
umlaut ¨ &uml; or &die; ¨
copyright © &copy; ©
feminine ordinal ª &ordf; ª
left angle quote « &laquo; «
not sign ¬ &not; ¬
soft hyphen ­ &shy; ­
registered trademark ® &reg; ®
macron accent ¯ &macr; or &hibar; ¯
degree sign ° &deg; °
plus or minus ± &plusmn; ±
superscript two ² &sup2; ²
superscript three ³ &sup3; ³
acute accent ´ &acute; ´
micro sign µ &micro; µ
paragraph sign &para;
middle dot · &middot; ·
cedilla ¸ &cedil; ¸
superscript one ¹ &sup1; ¹
masculine ordinal º &ordm; º
right angle quote » &raquo; »
one-fourth ¼ &frac14; ¼
one-half ½ &frac12; ½
three-fourths ¾ &frac34; ¾
inverted question mark ¿ &iquest; ¿
uppercase A, grave accent À &Agrave; À
uppercase A, acute accent Á &Aacute; Á
uppercase A, circumflex accent  &Acirc; Â
uppercase A, tilde à &Atilde; Ã
uppercase A, umlaut Ä &Auml; Ä
uppercase A, ring Å &Aring; Å
uppercase AE Æ &AElig; Æ
uppercase C, cedilla Ç &Ccedil; Ç
uppercase E, grave accent È &Egrave; È
uppercase E, acute accent É &Eacute; É
uppercase E, circumflex accent Ê &Ecirc; Ê
uppercase E, umlaut Ë &Euml; Ë
uppercase I, grave accent Ì &Igrave; Ì
uppercase I, acute accent Í &Iacute; Í
uppercase I, circumflex accent Î &Icirc; Î
uppercase I, umlaut Ï &Iuml; Ï
uppercase Eth, Icelandic Ð &ETH; Ð
uppercase N, tilde Ñ &Ntilde; Ñ
uppercase O, grave accent Ò &Ograve; Ò
uppercase O, acute accent Ó &Oacute; Ó
uppercase O, circumflex accent Ô &Ocirc; Ô
uppercase O, tilde Õ &Otilde; Õ
uppercase O, umlaut Ö &Ouml; Ö
multiplication sign × &times; ×
uppercase O, slash Ø &Oslash; Ø
uppercase U, grave accent Ù &Ugrave; Ù
uppercase U, acute accent Ú &Uacute; Ú
uppercase U, circumflex accent Û &Ucirc; Û
uppercase U, umlaut Ü &Uuml; Ü
uppercase Y, acute accent Ý &Yacute; Ý
uppercase THORN, Icelandic Þ &THORN; Þ
lowercase sharps, German ß &szlig; ß
lowercase a, grave accent à &agrave; à
lowercase a, acute accent á &aacute; á
lowercase a, circumflex accent â &acirc; â
lowercase a, tilde ã &atilde; ã
lowercase a, umlaut ä &auml; ä
lowercase a, ring å &aring; å
lowercase ae æ &aelig; æ
lowercase c, cedilla ç &ccedil; ç
lowercase e, grave accent è &egrave; è
lowercase e, acute accent é &eacute; é
lowercase e, circumflex accent ê &ecirc; ê
lowercase e, umlaut ë &euml; ë
lowercase i, grave accent ì &igrave; ì
lowercase i, acute accent í &iacute; í
lowercase i, circumflex accent î &icirc; î
lowercase i, umlaut ï &iuml; ï
lowercase eth, Icelandic ð &eth; ð
lowercase n, tilde ñ &ntilde; ñ
lowercase o, grave accent ò &ograve; ò
lowercase o, acute accent ó &oacute; ó
lowercase o, circumflex accent ô &ocirc; ô
lowercase o, tilde õ &otilde; õ
lowercase o, umlaut ö &ouml; ö
division sign ÷ &divide; ÷
lowercase o, slash ø &oslash; ø
lowercase u, grave accent ù &ugrave; ù
lowercase u, acute accent ú &uacute; ú
lowercase u, circumflex accent û &ucirc; û
lowercase u, umlaut ü &uuml; ü
lowercase y, acute accent ý &yacute; ý
lowercase thorn, Icelandic þ &thorn; þ
lowercase y, umlaut ÿ &yuml; ÿ
Alpha &Alpha;   Α
alpha &alpha;   α
Beta &Beta;   Β
beta &beta;   β
Gamma &Gamma;   Γ
gamma &gamma;   γ
Delta &Delta;   Δ
delta &delta;   δ
Epsilon &Epsilon;   Ε
epsilon &epsilon;   ε
Zeta &Zeta;   Ζ
zeta &zeta;   ζ
Eta &Eta;   Η
eta &eta;   η
Theta &Theta;   Θ
theta &theta;   θ
Iota &Iota;   Ι
iota &iota;   ι
Kappa &Kappa;   Κ
kappa &kappa;   κ
Lambda &Lambda;   Λ
lambda &lambda;   λ
Mu &Mu;   Μ
mu &mu;   μ
Nu &Nu;   Ν
nu &nu;   ν
Xi &Xi;   Ξ
xi &xi;   ξ
Omicron &Omicron;   Ο
omicron &omicron;   ο
Pi &Pi;   Π
pi &pi;   π
Rho &Rho;   Ρ
rho &rho;   ρ
Sigma &Sigma;   Σ
sigma &sigma;   σ
Tau &Tau;   Τ
tau &tau;   τ
Upsilon &Upsilon;   Υ
upsilon &upsilon;   υ
Phi &Phi;   Φ
phi &phi;   φ
Chi &Chi;   Χ
chi &chi;   χ
Psi &Psi;   Ψ
psi &psi;   ψ
Omega &Omega;   Ω
omega &omega;   ω
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