5 Quick Health Tips

  1. A 20-minute nap does wonders for mood, productivity, and overall alertness.
  2. In 1 minute, a 150-pound person burns around 10 calories walking up the stairs and only 1.5 calories using the elevator
  3. We are eating 900% more broccoli than we did 20 years ago.  Broccoli is a source of Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A, and Folate as well as Fibre.
  4. Fast food restaurants use yellow, red, and orange colours because they stimulate hunger.
  5. Relax!  Less stress means a happier life, clearer skin, with more energy and a healthy immune system.
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  1. These are really some wonderful tips from you.I really liked your post very much.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us.Great!

  2. Hey,
    Simple and effective tips -easy to follow.
    I specially liked the “nap” part – wish i could do this when on 9 to 5 !!
    A use the stairways up to 4 floors everyday to keep my joints in shape.

    Cheers to life.
    Ask Deban

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