Tips to Stay Healthy in the New Year

healthy-living-womanIt’s nothing to sneeze at. The nasty flu and cough season has arrived and you can run but you can’t hide! Germs are out to get you!

Wanna beat the bacteria? Take advice from those who never get sick. Eat dirt, ingest raw garlic, drink brewer’s yeast and take a cold shower.

Some other unconventional tips from unusually healthy people:

  • Pick your nose and eat it!
  • Close the toilet lid after flushing.
  • Dunk your head in hydrogen peroxide – yes, the same stuff used in making rocket fuel and cleaning counter tops!

Health writer Gene Stone searched the world over for the mysteries of excellent health and he explores the science of health behind the claims in his new book The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick (Workman).

For years Stone followed doctors’ orders – and he still got sick. “At the same time, however, I noticed that there were people who never seemed to get sick at all” – so he sought out their advice.

Now he hasn’t been sick since researching the book and adopting some of the secrets. “That’s been over two years, the longest I’ve ever gone without a cold.”

According to Stone, “eating raw garlic whenever a cold seems to be revving up in my throat has been amazingly effective. As much as the taste is unpleasant and the garlic burns, it seems to work. Likewise, brewer’s yeast feels right to me – I add it to my morning drink every day.”

He takes cold showers and naps too. He used to get sick up to four times a year – “losing about four weeks every year to a wheezing, sneezing cold.”

Not only does getting sick feel crummy, but it impacts careers. A new poll at the University of Chicago reports that one in six people surveyed believe they’ve been punished, threatened, suspended or fired by their employer for taking sick days.

“Too many sick days and not only do you fall behind in your work, and, although this is unfair, you seem undependable.”

On the other hand, “it’s not fair to your co-workers to come into the office and spread your germs…”

So don’t get sick at all! Stone’s secrets are gathered from 25 people between the ages of 38 and 85. “What they have in common: all of them are proactive about their health, and all of them take their health pretty seriously.”

Combine the secrets to stay healthy, advises Stone. “One probably isn’t enough. In fact, do as many as possible.”

Take dirt for example – it can certainly be your friend, says Stone. Not only does dirt contain nutrients, like B12, it helps toughen up our immune system.

“The human immune system is like a standing army, waiting for something to attack. If it exists in an overly sterilized environment, it will eventually turn in on itself and create auto-immune diseases, such as allergies,” says Stone.

“However, if you give it some work to do, such as exposing it to the microorganisms in dirt, it will busy itself getting to know these foreign invaders and learning how to deal with them, and this will help avoid auto-immune issues,” he says.

Well, while a little dirt is good for you, when it comes to washing it off, we’re over the top. With antibacterial hand-gels, we’re probably overusing them, admits Stone. “It certainly makes sense to keep clean, and particularly to wash up after being exposed to someone else’s germs. But, the body has its own layer of protection, and if you scrub your hands and arms too hard, you’ll wear that layer off.”

Stone admits to toilet lid closing. “If you don’t close it before flushing, millions of very bad microorganisms are thrown all over your bathroom… I have closed it ever since I read these studies. Other studies, however, dispute these findings.”

Meanwhile, on book tour people have approached Stone with more secrets, from being a “fruitarian to using colloidal silver.” His favourite? “The woman who said the secret to her health was that she divorced her husband and never got sick again.”

Get proactive!

Eight secrets you can start doing today, according to Gene Stone, author of The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick.

Caloric reduction. Eat less – “try to cut your calorie intake by 25%. You’d be amazed at how much better your feel, and your immune system will appreciate it too. And, you’ll lose weight.”

Eat garlic. People have eaten garlic for health reasons for more than 5,000 years. Eat it raw so its healthy chemicals are released into your system.

Take a cold shower. Sounds painful, but it improves your skin tone, your circulation, your mood, and it helps ward off colds.

Take a nap. Sleep is cumulative – it’s not about getting eight hours at night as much as getting eight hours in a 24-hour period. “So relax if you didn’t sleep well last night because you can take a nap and make up for it.”

Stretch. “The wisest doctor I ever met, Dr. Robert Fulford, created a series of stretches that will make you healthier by increasing your life force. They are not strenuous, they really work, and you can do them anywhere.”

Eat plants. More and more research shows that animal protein is not good for us. Get your protein and nourishment in fruits and vegetables. “Decline the cheeseburger and go for the pasta primavera.”

Add brewer’s yeast to your diet. Add some debittered brewer’s yeast from the health food store to your morning smoothie or sprinkle it on a salad. It’s full of B vitamins and protein.

Manage your stress. “Stress is a killer! Every year new research confirms that the more stress you feel, the more likely you are to become ill. You can’t rid your life of all its stress, but you can try to limit its effects. Calm down. Have some herbal tea. Meditate. Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Mom knew best

Old wives tales can be good medicine, according to Gene Stone, author of The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick:

Drink cranberry juice. “Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that the cranberries actually do destroy the harmful bacteria clinging to the walls of your bladder.”

Eat an apple a day. “Research shows that high levels of certain chemical compounds in apples destroy colon cancer cells, and apples appear to fight off other cancers as well.”

Adopt a pet. Animal owners tend to come down with fewer illnesses than their animal-free counterparts. “Even the simple act of petting a dog lowers blood pressure by inducing an instant relaxation response.”

Go for gold. “In the middle ages, wealthy patients drank suspensions of finely ground gold to ease disease,” says Stone. “New research shows that very small amounts of liquid gold can strengthen the immune system and are particularly useful for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.”


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