Choosing Your Hockey Skates

The pieces of ice hockey equipment that I like the most are the hockey skates.  It is the most valuable asset to a hockey player and the thing he or she cares the most about.

But it is also difficult for an outsider to understand the importance and complexity of a skaters hockey skates.

It is not like when you go to a store and find a nice par of sneaks that look affordable, nice and fast.  You try them on once, just to make sure that they okay and then you make the purchase.  Later that night you take the shoes out for a little run and everything feels just great.

Hockey Skate Feels Terrible The First Time

When it comes to hockey skates it is not like this at all.  A hockey skate feels terrible the first time you skate in them.  They are hard and your feet hurt like hell

That is because a hockey skate is so stiff in order to give your feet and ankles correct support in your skating.  How do you think hockey players are able to do crossovers?

Stiffest and Lightest Skates

A pro hockey player always go for the stiffest and lightest skates in the market, because players are heavy and strong and need the support from the skates in order to get the maximum out of their skating.

Better to Choose a Weaker Skate

However, stiff hockey skates are not always the best.  For example, if you are a kid or a not so heavy player, it is almost always better to choose a weaker skate.  The weaker hockey skate gives you enough support because you do not push it so hard and it is also nicer to you feet.

What hockey players fear the most is the first week on ice every season.  You always have new skate and the coach will do a lot of skating with you and your teammates.  This is going to hurt your feet like crazy!

Break In Period

Because hockey skates are so stiff, it takes about a week or two with power skating to break them in.  All the sweat and snow on the ice will make the skate fit your foot perfectly after that.

The only reason hockey skates can hurt your feet even after they are broken in are if you skate in too small skates.  Why would anybody want to skate in too small skates?, you might ask.

Small Skates

The reason for that is that many hockey players, specially in the NHL, think they get more control of their skating if the skates are small.  Most players actually wear skates that are one to one and a half size smaller than the shoes they are wearing of the ice.  Just imagine if you were to have your toes twisted when you walked?

Because hockey skates are so stiff it is also common that many hockey players get bumps on their feet and boy do that hurt.  Some players have feet that are hurting them so bad that they can barely walk for twenty minutes after they have their skates taken off.

But they do not complain!  They are tough and that is why they play the game of ice hockey.  Skating is their life.

Put Skates in the Oven

In the last couple of years the manufactures of ice hockey skates have actually come up with some clever ideas on how to make it easier to break the skates in.  One company, for example, has a hockey skate that you can put in the oven on low heat for a few minutes before you put it on the firs time.  This make the skate much easier to break in and it save you about a week of pain.

Vacuum Box

Another company has invented a vacuum box.  You simply put your skates on in the vacuum box and sit there for fifteen minutes.  Your feet hurt bad due to the pressure, but after that they are broken in and you are ready to do the season’s first power skating.

For anybody that has not grown up with ice hockey, the hockey skate is a science and hard to understand, but for those who live the game it comes naturally.

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