Top 30 Signs You Might Have a Big Ego

  1. You erect a statue of yourself building a statue of yourself ~ @ArtistsPayBack
  2. You have a tattoo of your own face on your arm. ~@ArtistsPayBack
  3. You expect the valet to tip you. ~@ArtistsPayBack
  4. You destroy your own children so they can’t become greater than yourself. [Greek myth-style] ~@bradhatter
  5. You pray to yourself for God’s salvation. (or is that dyslexia?) ~@bujio
  6. You know the song IS about you. ~@charlesjurries
  7. Even Guy Kawasaki thinks you’re vain. ~@chucklasker
  8. You know you have a big ego when you RT your own tweets daily. ~@cmathews
  9. You refuse to sign up for Twitter because the name you want is taken. ~@CompassCoaching
  10. You brag about how you created everything in just 6 days. ~@DanGreen_DGSOT
  11. You respond to criticisms of yourself in third person. ~@Dheepan
  12. You wonder why everyone is listening to MJ’s music instead of your newly launched album. ~@geekonomics
  13. You see your family waving and you walk off yelling “STALKERS!” ~@ILuvRockStarz
  14. It has its own Twitter acount. ~@kylejjw
  15. You have to dress it in the morning. ~@m00ns
  16. You refer to yourself in the 3rd person in conversations. ~@mayhemstudios
  17. You know you have a big ego when…a nose job wouldn’t even help u look like you’re not snotty. ~@mel_parker
  18. The cashier at McDonald’s Drive Through parks your car. ~@Minervity
  19. You expect people on Twitter to follow you. 🙂 ~@Minervity
  20. You assume MySpace is literally that. ~@mrbarnard1
  21. You know you have a big ego when you think your beer belly are actually “beer biceps”… ~@noizmaker
  22. You add an “i” to the begining of your name. ~@scottk75
  23. It doesn’t fit in the toaster. Or is that #eggo ? ~@scottrmcgrew
  24. You think this tweet is about you. ~@TameraRooney
  25. You have installed mirrors on bathroom floor. ~@ThatPJ
  26. You’re Facebook and have to buy Friendfeed. ~@the_melvinator
  27. You fart and expect others to enjoy the aroma. ~@Alisabow
  28. You use your full name on the back of the jersey. ~@tracytran
  29. You RT yourself and ask others to do same. ~@VOLeila
  30. You dubb yourself beginning with “The” and end with “ster” ~ @VectorGirly

Credit: Kim Sherrell

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