Apple iPhone Voice Control Cheat Sheet

Starting Voice Control

  • Hold home button or headset middle button for about 2 seconds, youʼll hear a double beep and the voice control feature shows on screen.

Phone Commands

  • “Call”/“dial” plus name or nickname from address book. May need to add phone number type, such as “home”, “work”, “mobile”. “Call John Doe Mobile”.
  • “Call”/“Dial” plus the number. “Dial 555 1234”.

Music Commands

  • “Play”/“Play music”.
  • “Play playlist” plus playlist name. “Play playlist gym songs”.
  • “Play album” plus album name. “Play album The Wall”.
  • “Play artist” plus artist name. “Play artist Pink Floyd”.
  • “Pause”/“Pause music”.
  • “Next song”.
  • “Previous song”.
  • “Shuffle”.
  • “Genius”/“Play more like this”/“Play more songs like this”.
  • “Whatʼs playing?” (general information)
  • “What song is this”, “Who sings this song”, or “Who is this song by” (specific information).

Misc Commands

  • “Not that one”/“Wrong”/“Nope”/“No”/“Not that”.
  • “Cancel” (exit voice control)
  • “Help”
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