Books to Spice Up Your Sex Life

“I feel fat.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m too tired.”

Are these your too frequently used excuses not to read in bed or not to do other things in bed? If these cop-outs are said and heard too often in your bedroom, your sex life needs an energy injection.

Books on better lovemaking and greater intimacy can give couples simple and fun instructions to a better sex life. There’s no need to suffer embarrassment in making these purchases—plenty of websites allow you to buy and ship in privacy or download to your home computer.

Check out our list of must-read advice, throw your excuses out the window, and change your sex life forever.

Time Crunch

Does procrastination and the thrill of nearly missing a deadline get you going? If your sex life is feeling a time crunch, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day will apply that same thrill to lovemaking. Over-scheduled couples will benefit from its practical advice and suggestions to enhance intimacy and deepen the sexual and emotional connection in just a few minutes each day. Pulling an all-nighter has never been so much fun.

Listen Up

No time to sit down with a book? Try multi-tasking: learn some new bedroom moves while you commute to work, run on the treadmill, or clean the kitchen. lists 75,000 digital audiobooks—including a large selection of Erotica & Sexuality titles–to download in a few simple clicks. Just set up an account, browse titles, listen and learn from your computer or portable player. Now that your hands free, they’ll be able to show your partner all you’ve learned from your latest download.

Baby Steps

You might not be having sex to have a baby, but baby steps might be the way to a better sex life. Try one new thing per day with 365 Sex Positions. This clearly written book details a new position—complete with easy-to-follow directions—for each day of the year. Explore exciting new twists to your tried-and-true positions and experiment with more acrobatic positions. Mastering the basics and taking new risks is sure to take your lovemaking ahead by leaps and bounds.

Getting Down

Knowing how to pleasure your partner with oral sex isn’t exactly a subject taught in sex ed. Make up for lost time with the pair of instruction manuals—The Low Down on Going Down and Blow Him Away. This duo of his-and-hers guides to mind-blowing oral sex promises entertaining and practical lessons in anatomy and skills. You’ll start practicing with solo exercises for jaw and breathing control and move on to kissing tips for lip dexterity. In the final performance for your partner, all your hard work will pay off double time: mutual pleasure and a major boost to your sex life.

Trust the Classic

If sex were a religion, Kama Sutra would be it’s holy book. Trust this ancient text of practical advice on sexual positions and intimacy to illustrate basics and complex techniques—and everything in between–to claim in your own sex life. Kama Sutra has been translated and transformed into many different variations for every sexual need: modern illustrations, kissing guides, and even pocket-sized versions for taking experimentation outside the bedroom.


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