Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Cheats


Remain happy when you are in the sewers on the way to the Ghost Witch’s lair. Then hit Pac-Man with your slingshot once to make him angry, and use that slingshot to direct him to a hole in the wall. In this hole there are two burglars. Pac-Man will then chase them out. Have Pac-Man move to the left by pressing the D-pad left and the Y button at the same time. Use the slingshot on the left-most wall until it spins and then “bam” a secret path with a mine cart appears!


Display Percentage Completed

Hold Select and press X at the item screen.

Level Password
1 [Pac-Man icon]WFTW5W
2 [Pac-Man icon]WGW45W
3 [Pac-Man icon]WFTWX4
Gum Monster 9YGZ11P

Level Passwords

Select the password option on the main menu and enter. Note that “pac” denotes using the Pac-Man symbol. These passwords are great if you’re hunting for percentages.


FYpacW4XW : Begin level 1
ZYVW4Vpac : Start at Lucy’s room.
FFpacD3TW : Start at Old Arcade, left side.
ZYVWMVT : Start at Old Arcade, right side.
FYTW4XC : Start at Old Game Center
YFpacW4XW : Start at Pac-man’s house, left side.
pacFpacV5TW : Start at Pac-man’s house, right side.
ZYBW4VT : Start at Pac-man’s room.
ZYpacC2VT : Start at Park, left side.
FYBD3WW : Start at Park, right side.
YFTWMXW : Start at Stock Farm, left side.
FFVXNTW : Start at Stock Farm, right side.
ZYVC4VT : Start at Village Way, exiting Lucy’s house.
FYTC4XW : Start at Village Way, left side.
YFTC4XW : Start at Village Way, right side.

FODWW5W : Level 2
BWHY37Y : Level 3
JWGOVZ6 : Level 4
FFTDB2W : Mine Cart Level
PCMNPTT : Pattern Test
BGMRQST : Sound Test

Enter TRLMDPW as a password, to open up Time Trial Mode.

Pac-Man Game!

Enter PCMMDPW as a password, to unlock the old school Pac-Man arcade game.

Ms. Pac-Man Game!

Enter MSPCMND as a password, to unlock the old school Ms. Pac-Man arcade game.

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