Ten Reasons To Be A Freelancer

Being a freelancer has its ups and downs. Here are 10 reasons why it rocks to be a freelancer. If you are seriously considering switching from a day job to freelance, this post is well worth a read. If you can think of any more reasons why being a freelancer rocks, then feel free to drop them in a comment.

You set your own hours
Being a freelancer means that you can set your own hours that you work. You can get up at whatever time you like, and work when you like, providing you get your work done.

You set your own pay
You can decide what to charge people. A good idea is to look at many other freelancers, and compare your level of work to theirs, then come up with a price per project or per hours accordingly. It’s entirely up to you.

Your success is in your own hands
You decide weather or not you succeed. If you always get easily distracted and never crack in to you work then there will be a very small chance that you will succeed, where as if you knuckle down and put effort into your work and finding clients, then you will succeed and shine above your competitors.

You do something you enjoy
Being a freelancer may not even seem like work. If it’s something you enjoy, then it will seem just like a hobby, except your getting paid for it. What a treat!

You can work from anywhere you like
Yes that’s right, you don’t have to be sat in an office working, you could be in the garden, round a friends or even on the beach in a different country drinking champagne. All you need is your laptop and an internet connection occasionally to send work to clients. It’s extremely flexible.

Setup Costs Are Low
The setup costs are very low to become a freelancer. All you really need is a personal computer, which you most likely already have, internet connection which costs next to nothing, and electricity. A usual business may require you to take out loans etc, and spend thousands setting up a business. Not with freelance. Your work speaks for itself.

Freedom to balance work and personal life
You can easily balance the hours you work around your personal life. Your work hours are extremely flexible and can be slotted in wherever in your week. If there is a wedding on Monday, you can move Mondays hours to Tuesday evening if your free then, and maybe rollover some of the hours into Wednesday, shift Wednesdays hours over because there may be a BBQ Wednesday afternoon. It’s extremely flexible!

With freelancing, there is much opportunity. If you provide a great service, and get your name out there, you can meet some great contacts, and get to know some great people that may bring work and clients your way. Also, you can learn new skills all the time when you are working.

Laid Back Lifestyle
Not all freelancers live a laid back lifestyle. If you have a strong client base / portfolio, great prices that both you and the client are happy with, and have balanced your work life and personal life successfully, then you will live a very laid back and stress free life, compared to other jobs.

Be Your Own Boss
Bets of all you have no-one to tell you when to start work, how much your hourly rate is and when your lunch break is. You are your own boss, so you decide what you do and when you do it. It’s perfect!

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  1. Being a freelancer always give you an opportunity of freedom of work. No boss no tension. But how to get freelance work?

    There are some many sites who offer freelance work, but some of them are scam. Always do legitimate work like Servana, don’t run after the money. Be creative, do quality work and start getting more connected to global social networks.s.

    • Good advice. What type of freelance work have you done? Did you have a good experience? Please share your stories.

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