Turtle Care Tips


Main Diet

  • Feed once or twice a day using green turtle pellets.
  • Use turtle calcium blocks at all times.  Simply put one in the water, your turtle will take bites from it.  The calcium will also dissolve in water which the turtle will drink from.


  • Feed once or twice a week using turtle shrimps.


  • Turtles like to live in temperature from 27 Celsius (81 Fahrenheit) to 32 Celsius (85 Fahrenheit).
  • If a turtle tends to sleep at all times, it means that the water temperature is too cold!
  • You may want to use a table lamp with a 60W to 100W light bulb to warm the water.
  • You may also use a submersible water heater to keep the temperature consistent.


  • Turtles like to live in a very clean environment.
  • Be sure to change the water as frequently as possible with warm water.
  • If the water becomes murky or smelly, change the water immediately!
  • If turtles are living in a small container, change the water everyday 2 hours after feeding.
  • If they are in a bigger container, change the water every other day.
  • If you have a water filter in your turtle tank, change the water once a week or once every two weeks.
  • Be sure to use warm water when changing the water.


Swollen Eyes

  • Cause: Turtles are eating turtle shrimps as their main diets instead of turtle pellets, causing a lack of Vitamin A.

Soft Shell

  • Cause: Turtles are not getting enough calcium in the blood stream.  Calcium is missing from their diet.

White Spot

  • Cause: Turtles are living in poor water conditions.  Water has not been changed for a while, causing bacteria growth.
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