Guitar Hero World Tour Hints & Cheats

In the options menu you will see a cheats section at the bottom. Inside the Cheats Menu hit “Enter New Cheat” then enter the desired code. (Note: Do not strum)

Password Effect
Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow Unlocks QuickPlay
Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Red Performance mode
Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Green, Green Hyperspeed
Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red Auto Kick
Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Green Aaron
Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Green Nick
Blue, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Green Johnny Viper
Blue, Red, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Green Rina
Red, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Green, Green, Yellow Air Instruments
Green, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Green Invisible Characters
Yellow, Green, Red, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow AT&T Ballpark
Red, Green, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green Vocal Fireball
Blue, Red, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow Change Gem Color
Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Blue Change Flame Color
Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, Blue Star Color
Green, Green, Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue Always slide (all notes connected by purple line)
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Extra Line 6 Tones

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